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The Salafi Da’wah in Alexandria

The Salafi Da’wah in Alexandria is known for its scientific momentum and it largely benefited from the past experience of its figures with the Muslim Brethren. Most of them were active with this group before dissenting, due to influence by the reformation trend. They started their Da’wah in a peaceful and scientific manner and could […]

Polisario Front

Name: al-Jabhat ush-Sha’biyyah li Tahreer as-Sāqiyyah al-Hamrah wa Wādee adh-Dhahab [Popular Front for the Liberation of Red Canal and the Valley of Gold]. As-Sāqiyyat ul-Hamrā’ [Saguia el-Hamra/ “Red Canal”] is a territory in the Moroccan Sahara which represents almost a third of its entire area and the name comes from the canal which passes through […]


The group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi ‘ is an extreme fundamentalist group that has taken Pakistan as its base, it is the most extreme group in terms of enmity and opposition towards the Shia, wherein it is quite often blamed for most of the attacks that are carried out against the Shia minority in Pakistan. It has a […]

Khalil Ibrahim, Leader of the Mujahidin and Rebels

“When Yesterday’s Friends Become Today’s Enemies.” This was the title of a historical article about Khalil Ibrahim, one of the troops who fought for the Sudanese Government when President Omar al-Bashir first came into office. In 2001 he set up his rebel movement, “the Justice and Equality Movement,” which fights in the region of Darfur. […]

Jordan’s Jamaah Jihad

The Jamaah Jihad movement appeared in Jordan in the mid nineties after the “Allegiance to the Imam” group was tried in 1994. A number of the movement’s members were tried at the time, including ‘Isaam al-Barqaawi (Abu Muhammad al-Maqdasi) and Ahmad Fadel al-Khalailah (Abu Musab al-Zarqawi). At the time it was called the “Muwahhideen” movement. […]

Doku Umarov (Emirate of Caucasus)

The area of the North Russian Caucasus, which includes the troubled Republics of Chechnya Dagestan and Ingushetia, are witnessing many attacks launched by armed groups against the police, federal forces and local officials. These separatists are fighting for the establishment of an Islamic state in the Northern Caucasus and along the South Russian border, so […]

Divisions between the Scholars of Jamaah al-Jihad in Moroccan Prisons Due to Protests

While inmates in Moroccan prisons who belong to the movement known as “Jamaah al-Jihad” are demanding to be released for good, there are notable differences between the so-called “scholars” of the movement. This is in contrast to the previous demands made by these prisoners to improve the living conditions and administrative procedures inside prisons, which […]

Apparent evidences in the prohibition of terrorism

Praise be to Allah , who bestowed Islam as a religion upon His slaves, and made it His last immortal message until the Day of Resurrection, which He legislated all that benefits people in this world and the Hereafter, and warned them of all what corrupts their religion and harms their interests; He forbade them […]


Countering Terrorism and Double Standards

Terrorism is an extremely dangerous phenomenon and has been discussed at length by intellectuals and politicians in many conferences. They have mentioned different political, economic, ideological, and religious reasons for the emergence of terrorism, yet many still regard religion as the main source of terrorism. This study sheds light on yet another reason that fuels […]

Analyzing terrorism: terminologies and conceptions of extremism, kharijites, banditry.

One of the most controversial issues all around the world is the terminology issue with regards to terrorism, which has become a common discussion among different people in all languages. Although they employ the same term, they differ in its meaning, and because they all tacitly approve of the numerous definitions of terrorism, its precise […]

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