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Internet Security Risks

Cybercrime is an international concern that has recently received increased attention from most governments, as the factor which hinders law enforcement in most countries. Thus, Cyber and Internet crimes may be described as, the offence or the activity in which a computer or the Internet is misused to serve a criminal purpose or an illegal […]

The Thinker and Poet of the Egyptian Jamati Jihad From Al-Aqrab Prison to the Fragrance of Freedom

  Ukashah (Abul Mundhir) told «Al-Sahrq al-Awsat» : ‘we were surprised with the January Revolution and our interaction with it… I will become long lasting in a new record of writing. Anwar Abdel-Azim Ukashah is a poet and thinker of the Egyptian Jamati Jihad Organisation who was one of the sentenced criminals for assassinating the […]

Variables in Violent Groups after Bin Laden

The surprises do not end with the death of Bin Laden, or with the brief and exciting information the US provided on the details of the death of the Jihadist prodigy; analyses are now revealing new wonders and surprises. Perhaps Allah has allowed Bin Laden to fulfill his desire of being influential after his death […]

Reconciliation with policy in Morocco

Moroccans, today, have been for a long time, are in a state of disregard to politics, rather, it is indeed of the features of the political scene in Morocco at the present. In fact, the near future in Morocco politically entails other than that. Actually, it entails engagement in the political activities in a rational […]

Quds Force

Quds Force, currently led by Qaasim Suleimaani, is a special military intelligence unit responsible for foreign military work which belongs to the Iranian Revolutionary Guard. It has been described as being in control of exporting the Islamic revolution, or of operations abroad. It reports directly to the highest leader and advisor in the Islamic Republic […]

POLISARIO and Al-Qaeda: breakthrough or cooperation?

Recent arrests announced by the Mauritanian Malian authorities raise many questions, as it included a significant number of senior drug traffickers in the Sahel and Sahara desert including important elements from the leadership of the POLISARIO. All of these, according to the report of security authorities, belong to “a network of the top three networks […]

Facts about the Liberation Party

All praise is due to Allah and peace be upon His Prophet and his companions. In the past I collected some facts on the Liberation Party from their books and the counter-argument books. I wanted to put them before my fellow students so that they are aware of this misguided party. * Taqi Al-Deen Al-Nabhani […]

The Rights of Divorcees

Divorce is a social issue that has a deep impact on women, since women are more susceptible to the social and psychological effects of divorce than their male counterparts. Unfortunately, due to the absence of the laws that ensure divorcees’ rights, some ruthless and vengeful spouses constantly abuse women and violate their rights. The Most […]

The Brotherhood’s Political Arm in Jordan

The Muslim Brotherhood in Jordan indirectly controls the majority of the resistance groups because the leaders of those groups [secretly or openly] belong to the Brotherhood. Nonetheless, there are some independents in administrative bodies and various institutions. The Islamic Action Front was established toward the end of 1992 and today is the largest, strongest, and […]

Refraining from Qunūt

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, Most Merciful All praise is due to Allah, by whose grace good deeds are completed, and may peace and blessings be upon our leader and our Prophet, Muhammad, and upon his family and his companions. The (congregational) Qunūt of calamities is not legislated except with the permission […]

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