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Serious legitimate errors regarding the thinking approach of al-Qaeda

In the name of Allah , the Merciful, the most kind. Praise be to Allah alone, and peace and blessings be upon whom no prophet will come after; Prophet Muhammad. To proceed: The one who contemplates the reality of the extremist armed organizations, particularly the (al-Qaeda), finds major imbalance in the thinking approach of their […]

Independent Judgment by the Unqualified and its Impact on the Creation of Extremist Thought

Critical, independent judgment in juridical matters (ijtihad) is one of the foundations of Islamic law, and the third source of legislation after the Holy Quran and the Prophetic tradition, which help Muslims identify and understand Islam’s verdicts in modern issues. However, a misconception of the necessary provisions of independent judgment can contribute to extremism, and […]

Islam’s Tolerance in interacting with non-Muslims

Introduction Praise be to Allah, Lord of the Worlds, the Forgiving, the Merciful, and peace be upon the prophet and his followers to the Day of Resurrection. Tolerance refers to lenience and compassion, as Ibn Atheer said: ‘Tolerance is lenience’ El-Firozabadi said: ‘To be tolerant means to be lenient’ (1), and tolerance is a form […]

Imams’ violations in Qunoot Supplication

Praise is to Allah, and peace be upon his Messenger. Some Imams lack awareness of errors that are practiced during the Qunoot supplication, and though our predecessors unanimously prohibited it, these violations have became quite common. They are as follows: 1 – The imam raising his voice, shouting, or screaming during supplication. Allah described that […]


Identifying the Misconceived Verses Used by Extremists as Refutations

All praise is to Allah, thou we worship, thou we seek for forgiveness. Thou we seek refuge from our sins and evil within. Whom Allah sends astray, no one will guide, and whom Allah guides, no one will mislead. And I bear witness that there is no God but, Allah, and that Mohammad is the […]


Human Relations in the School Environment

Praise is to Allah, and peace be upon the Messenger of Allah, who Allah the Almighty praised: “And if you had been rude [in speech] and harsh in heart, they would have disbanded from about you” Surah Al-Imran. Establishing mutual understanding and respect in the school community is of the utmost importance to school administration, […]

Extremism Causes and the Position of Saudi Arabia

Terrorism, in all its forms, is never limited to a particular country. The researcher defines extremism in this paper and mentions that Islam forbids and penalizes terrorism, which is fully consistent with the position of Saudi Arabia. The Reality of Terrorism and Extremism: The author demonstrates the reality of terrorism and extremism in four topics, […]

Equating Man-made Laws with Yasak Law

Some extremists resort to what Imam Ibn Kathir said about resorting to Yasak’s arbitration, in his Tafseer (90-2), “Allah condemns who deserts the rule of Allah and resorts to man-made concepts that violate Allah’s Sharia, just like the Tatars who judge with policies inherited from their king Genghis Khan, who wrote “Yasak,” a compilation of […]

Episode (3): The Justice and Kindness Association and its views on political participation

To recognize the stance of the Justice and Kindness Association’s leader, we should differentiate between two main stages: the stage of rebellion against the “Sultan State,” and the post-establishment stage of the “Qur’an State,” in which the Association itself controls the state. In this stage, the leader classifies the parties into two main categories: The […]

Episode (2): The Justice and Kindness Association and its views on political participation

The refusal of the association of Al Adl wal Ihsane (Justice and Beneficence) to recognize the legitimacy of the monarchy in Morocco and all political regimes in Islamic countries is not because of a political position adopted by the association after extensive study and analysis, and established principles based on absolute, indisputable and unarguable beliefs. […]

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