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Apparent evidences in the prohibition of terrorism

Praise be to Allah , who bestowed Islam as a religion upon His slaves, and made it His last immortal message until the Day of Resurrection, which He legislated all that benefits people in this world and the Hereafter, and warned them of all what corrupts their religion and harms their interests; He forbade them […]

Disregard for the Blood of Others

In the Name of Allah, the Most Compassionate, the Most Merciful All praise belongs to Allah. May peace and blessings be upon the Final Prophet. The wise person who evaluates the condition of people throughout the world today, and the bloody revolutions which have taken place in some Islamic countries (may Allah protect them and […]


Plural Leadership and Defining Religious Leaders

What exactly is meant by the “leader” under whose banner we fight in our day and age? The eminent scholar Ibn ‘Uthaimīn answered this question saying: “He is the highest authority in a country, and he does not necessarily have to be the leader of all the Muslims [on earth]. This is because worldwide leadership […]

The Uyghurs

The Uyghurs are a Muslim minority whose origin is traced back to Turkey. They live in the northwestern region of China in a province called East Turkistan, which is governed by the Xingyang Authority. The region now strives for independence, similar to the region of Tibet. The Ordeal of the Muslim minority: The Uyghur Muslims […]

Social program of the Egyptian party An-Nour (i.e. light)

In our Egyptian, Arabic and Islamic cultures, the family is the basic unit of the society. And, in Egypt, it is the most important component of Egyptian society. The progress of the nation is based on the progress of family as an infrastructure. Our society is famous for cohesion of its family structure, and solidarity […]

Prince Mohammed bin Nayef Center for Counseling and Care

It is understood that terrorism is the greatest problem that the whole world suffers from, and we believe that the major powers have failed to eradicate terrorism, and have provided everything available to eradicate it but have not succeeded. We believe that the Kingdom has adopted a strategy to combat extremism and terrorism based on […]

Ugandan Lord’s Resistance Army

The Ugandan Armed Christian Rebel Movement’s roots go back to a woman named Alice Lakwena. In the eighties of the last century Lakwena believed that the Holy Spirit spoke to her directly and ordered her to overthrow the government of Uganda because of the injustice perpetrated against the people Acholi. The LRA was founded as […]

Fighting in Chechnya: Arabs and Non-Arabs

The History The area of North Caucasus, including Chechnya, was under the influence of the Ottomans, when the Russians invaded the Caucasus in 1722. At that time, there were several resistance movements which remained even after the victory of the communist revolution in Russia 1917 which only brought oppression and execution. In World War II, […]

Al-Asiri: Al-Qaida’s explosive specialist

The American Secret Services strongly believes that Ibrahim Hassan Taali’ Al-Asiri, one of the most prominent Al-Qaida leaders based in Yemen, was killed during the attack which led to the death of Anwar Al-Awlaki. Al-Asiri was born in Riyadh on 24/06/1402. He studied chemistry at King Saud University but did not complete his studies. On […]

Islam’s approach and moderation in Zakat al-Fitr

All praise is due to Allah, He who molds the day and night, He who made seasons and times when rewards and pious deeds are doubled. Praise to Allah, He who distinguished right from wrong, and set clear boundaries for His worshipers, and I bear witness that there is no god in truth but Allah […]

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