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Libya’s Tribes

The tribes in Libya are the ones with official political authority and they have a big influence on the future of revolutions there. Although unofficially, tribal influence on politics has deteriorated due to peoples’ parties and councils and through local voting processes since 1977. Toward the end of April 2011, 61 tribal representatives gathered in […]

Avoiding Harm takes Precedence over Attaining Benefit

Islamic scholars have undertaken major efforts to clarify the rules of Sharia to all Muslims in order to protect Islam from all the tendentious attempts that aim to distort the beautiful image of Islam. Independent judgments should be based on the rules that trusted scholars set. Whoever violates the rule of inference and deduction that […]

The Islamic Jihad Movement in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an Islamic country, in the north east of the Indian subcontinent, with a secular regime, which was known as East of Pakistan before its independence in 1971. The country faced armed conflicts with Islamist groups, including the Islamic Jihad Movement accused of carrying out attacks in the country, in 2003 and 2004. Moreover, […]

Defining Characteristics of the Takfīri

Defining Characteristics of the Extremist Takfīri Methodology 1. Failing to verify much of the evidence they use to judge governments and individuals as infidels. I do not know anyone who has proved with certainty the claims that they use in making takfīr. They might say implicitly or explicitly that the evidence is well-known or that […]

The Islamic Behavioral Approach

Islam calls for loyalty, kinship, tolerance, benevolence, and all that contributes to the achievement of a perfectly balanced society. Accordingly, Islam also calls for repentance and piety in order to establish a righteous society, for Allah said, “Indeed, I am the Perpetual Forgiver of whoever repents and believes and does righteousness and then continues in […]

The Foundation and Transformation of Terrorist Groups

At the beginning of the twenty-first century, one of the toughest and most complicated types of fighting appeared: the fight against terrorist groups, later referred to as “the War on Terror.” Terrorist groups have been present throughout history, but they enjoy special concern and coverage in the media these days due to current anti-terror campaigns. […]

Saudi Arabia and the Battle against Terrorism: Confrontation and Counseling

Saleh Ibn Bakr at-Tayaar’s book, “Saudi Arabia and the Battle against Terrorism: Confrontation and Counseling,” provides a thorough presentation on the history of terrorism in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, detailing the suffering the country went through because of destructive terrorist operations, and the Western and American media’s claims that Saudi Arabia supports terrorism. Moreover, […]

The Disadvantages of extremism and fanaticism in religion

Extremism: is overstepping the limit of moderation. Fanaticism is overstepping the limit, as Ibn Hajar said: “Exaggeration in doing a thing, that leads one to exceed the limits.” Thus, we can say that extremism is transgression, overdoing things beyond what Allah – the Almighty – has commanded. And Islam condemns extremism in all its forms. […]

The Rest House Cell: Secret Organization

A secret organization better known as “The Rest House Cell” composes of 16 persons, including 14 Saudi, Syrian and Yemeni nationals, who were arrested in February 2007 at Sara Rest House in Jeddah. This organization doubted the judicial independence and sought to establish an organization both inside and outside the country under the name of […]

Childcare Principles in Islam

Islam addresses the issue of childcare with a lot of concern in order to provide a healthy and safe environment for children, placing emphasis on the welfare of children in all their phases of development. The Prophet, peace be upon him, urged people to choose righteous spouses, saying, “When someone whose religion and character pleases […]

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