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Moroccan Jihadis from Within Prison

Jihādee detainees comprising cells and organisations which possess the Takfīrī ideology and orchestrate terrorist operations aimed as state institutions, economic interests and the tourist industry. They were arrested and prosecuted based on terrorism-related files and most of them were arrested after the terrorist bombings which rocked the city of Casablanca on 16th May 2003. It […]

Jamaat ut-Tabligh and its Influence in Supporting Terrorism

Allah sent the Messengers with guidance and the true deen to manifest it over all other religions, and Sufficient is Allāh as a Witness. The greatest thing which Allāh instructed is Tawheed which is singling out only Allāh for worship, and the greatest thing that he prohibited it Shirk which is calling upon other than […]

Jihadi Movements in Central Asia

Most of the moderate and peaceful Islamic groupings reject violence however we would like to throw some light on some extremist groups or those who espouse violence as a means of change, even though most Muslims traverse a sound, moderate and balanced methodology. Take for example the Ferghana Valley in Central Asia which has a […]

Kharijites’ characteristics now and then

All praise be to Allah, the Gracious and Bountiful, Who blesses His slaves with His Mercy, and may Allah bless the prophet Mohammad and his companions, and those who followed their righteous path until the Hereafter. Whoever looks into the Kharijites of the past and the Kharijites of today will eventually reach a conclusion that […]


Terrorism’s correlation to the Kharijites’ approach to penalty in Islamic law

Dr. Abdel Aziz al-Fozan’s research addresses terrorism and its correlation to the Kharijites’ approach to penalty in Islamic law through multiple studies. He included in the first study the reality of terrorism by examining the core of terrorism, its linguistic and terminological definition in the West, compared to its meaning found in the Arabic language […]


The Dangers of Falsely Accusing Muslims of Disbelief

Regarding a Muslim as a disbeliever is a thing that only Allah has the right to do, for not all that it is designated as disbelief can refer to doctrinal disbelief. Also, People are not allowed to designate any Muslim as a disbeliever unless they have crystal clear evidence from the Quran and Sunnah that […]


Terrorism between the origin and the application

Terrorism has become the most controversial wordused in international media since the events of September 11, and despite the widespread use of the word, there is still no consensus on the exact and acceptable definition of terrorism. Thus, this paper attempts to examine the origin of the term and the development of the concept through […]

Samir Khan

Samir Khan was the editor and publisher of “Inspire” magazine, and is the second American person killed in an attack on Friday, September 30, 2011. Although, the CIA announced that they were not aware of Khan’s presence with al-Awlaki during the attack, yet they still considered the attack legal since Khan was a legitimate target. […]


Religious Groups and Movements in Iran

The Advocacy and reform group, “The Muslim Brotherhood”: A non-violent independent Iranian Islamic group, founded in 1979, by a group of preachers who were affected by the global Islamic awakening among the Sunnis and the group, led by Sheikh Nasser Al-Sheikh Ahmad Sobhani and Mufti Zadeh. The Intellectual approach of the Group: • The belief […]

The Proper way of Dealing with Unjust Rulers

The religion of Islam has paid great attention to establishing good relationships between the ruler and the public, through building effective social relationships, regulating the relationship between the ruler and the public, building mutual respect among the two parties, and determining the rights of both the ruler and the ruled. Thus, since rulers are human […]

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