The Role of Rumors in Raising Social Criticism and Fueling Extremism and Terrorism

Rumors are tools used to guide public opinion toward a destination that serves certain objectives. Rumors raise irresponsible social criticism whether in the family, street, school, university, workplace, or elsewhere.

Irresponsible social criticism can negatively effects peoples’ minds, and lead to psychological alienation and the use of terrorism and violent means to reform what rumors call corruption. Dr. Atiyah Abdul-Halim Sager’s research demonstrated the role of rumors in raising social criticism and fueling extremism and terrorism. He also explained Islam’s perspective on rumors and irresponsible social criticism.

In conclusion, the researcher asked national media to remain credible, and warn people of the consequences of falling into irresponsible social criticism, emphasizing that officials must respond to rumors as soon as they spread.
Paper presented to: The Conference on Terrorism: Extremist Thought and Thinking Extremely, the Islamic University, 1430.