Reasons for the appearance of extremism

The author studied the causes that nourish the phenomenon of extremism and terrorism, and their religious verdicts. Dr. Abu Abah, begins his research with the linguistic and terminological definitions of terrorism and extremism, then demonstrates their religious verdicts, Kharijites characteristics, and causes of extremism and terrorism, through multiple divisions that include several reasons, such as: scientific, intellectual, cultural reasons, extremism, ignorance of Islamic Sharia, improper sources of inferences, the void between scientists and young people, not looking for answers, insulting scholars and governors, imbalanced curricula of some contemporary Islamic calls, vanity, scholars and scientists neglecting their duty to refute suspicions, and the media’s negative impact. In addition to other reasons such as: violating Allah’s Sharia, enemies’ conspiracies, major countries supporting terrorism, leisure, unemployment and poverty.

Researcher concludes the following, in his study:

1 –The void between scientists and youths has created a great scientific and intellectual gap, prompting them to search for alternative sources. Thus, these cunning sources managed to pollute their minds, and take advantage of their ignorance.

2 – Weak curricula in the education system and feeble educational programs have nourished this phenomenon. Because education can be one of the things that negatively or positively impact youths, nourish or limit this phenomena.

3 – Families must intellectually, culturally, and religiously protect their children, since family negligence can sometimes help their children drift into extremism and fanaticism.

4 – Some preachers’ provocative and negative approach, might contribute to the spread of terrorism and extremism.
Paper presented to: Conference of ‘Terrorism between the extremes of thought, the thought of extremism’ – Islamic University in 1430.