Media lies concerning the Salafi movement

From the greatest trials at the end of time, which causes the child to become old and causes the patient one to become confused, one sees in the Muslim lands, especially in Egypt –May Allah protect it- a media army far removed from the required objectivity needed when scrutinizing and verifying reports. Rather, this media army interjects itself into the crucial Egyptian nation’s matters, such as matters pertaining to creed and law whilst not understanding these matters in the least.

From the gravest of errors is that these people do not halt in their ignorance. Rather their situation has reached such a dire state that to characterize them, without any exaggeration, with corruption which echoes in the media halls – except those whom Allah has had mercy upon- whilst spreading its false accusations and heinous lies. An example of this corruption is the ferocious media campaign which the Egyptian media has launched targeting the Salafi Movement and its well-known personalities. This campaign has contained a set of accusations against the Salafi movement, examples of them being:

1- The shooting of two dancers at a wedding in Alexandria by unknown gunmen associated to the salafi movement

2- The amputation of a Christian man’s ear by a group of Salafi’s in Upper Egypt

3- An attack on immodestly dressed young women by firing shoots at them

4- Destruction of shrines of saints and holy men

In reality, the purpose behind such false accusations is to distort the true picture of the Salafi movement and of those affiliated to it by presenting it as a movement of extremism and fanaticism in addition to claiming that there are al-Qaeda cells in Egypt which threaten the stability of the entire region. This media campaign aims to generate immense friction between the Salafi movement – the people of the true path- and the various segments of society. Hence the media wish to create a deep psychological barrier in the society so as to prevent the Salafi movement penetrating the diverse spheres of Egyptian society.

Indeed, these journalists are the precursors of the anti-Christ and they are the self-appointed commentators on national matters, those people who excessively praise that which they have no knowledge of and rave about that which they do not truly comprehend. One of them authors a lengthy article concerning a specific issue or concerning a specific individual and you find that it is, from its base and foundation to its last letter, built upon scandalous lies.

However much one scrutinizes such articles, through critique and analysis, in an attempt to characterize this matter, one will not find a better description of these types of people nor a better depiction of their reality other than that which the Prophet narrated to us concerning the signs and events preceding the coming of the Great Liar (the Anti-Christ) –we seek refuge in Allah from the evilness of his trial. Hudhayfah (R) narrates that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: Verily, I am more afraid concerning the trial of some of you than the trial of the Anti-Christ. None shall be saved from his trial except the one who was saved from the trials before him. Verily, there has never been, since the creation of the world, any trial except that the trial of the Anti-Christ is greater.

Anas narrates that the Prophet (peace and blessings be upon him) said: before the advent of the Anti-Christ there will be treacherous years. In these years the truthful one will be belied and the liar will be trusted; the trustworthy one will be mistrusted whereas the untrustworthy one will be trusted, and the Ruwaybidha will speak. It was said to him: who are the Ruwaybidha, he replied: the insignificant ones who speak concerning public affairs.

The meaning of the word lies in essence, both technically and linguistically, revolves around the concept of blurring the truth, treachery and misleading the people from the truth through deception. Shiakh ul-Islam Ibn Taymiyyah regarded the one who practices deception and distorting reality, through lies and falsification, while hiding behind the guise of credibility and the search for truth; as (peoples) impersonating the prophets, on par with the false Messiah about whom all the prophets warned.

Faced with this media distortion we adopt the following positions:

1- The Salafi movement, in its purity and essence, is the true message of Islam which existed during the first three noble Islamic generations. Its foundation is beneficial knowledge coupled with righteous deeds. As Allah –the Most High- says: He it is Who has sent His Messenger with guidance and the religion of truth so as to make it victorious over all (other) religions even though the pagans hate (it). (As-Saff 61:9) The result of this movement is perfect harmony between accurate revelation and explicit thought under the shade of compassion and tolerance. Hence, it stands in the face of every extreme movement which proceeds rashly in ignorance of the legitimate Islamic boundaries. In addition, the different types of beneficial services which the Salafi’s organised in the field of awareness, security and solidarity for the Egyptian society are sufficient proofs to destroy the accusations and fallacies levelled against them. If the Salafis did indeed hold malicious intentions of damaging or harming segments of the diverse Egyptian society, then the Egyptian revolution was the most appropriate time to fulfil their objectives in light of the chaos which had gripped the country and its people. However, the Salafis through their noble call have given the finest example of Islam’s tolerance and compassion towards the creation.

2- Clear warning against listening and, even worse, surrendering one’s mind and heart to this media onslaught. This campaign is an aspect of the different types of deception to which our doors should be closed. Applying this Islamic reality can lead to an important strengthening process which can protect one from the ills of false reports and slogans. In this regards, the Messenger of Allah (peace and blessings be upon him) said, as related by Imran Ibn Hussain: whoever hears about the Anti-Christ’s (appearance) then let him remain far from him. By Allah, a man will come to him thinking he is a believer until he follows him due to what he (the Anti-Christ) has been sent with (of miracles) or what he has been given (of miracles).

3- Safeguarding ones tongue and not commenting on analysis or reports based upon conjecture and fabrications. The one whose speech is like this then he will receive his due, because of the statement of Allah: Cursed be the liars