Extremism Causes and the Position of Saudi Arabia

Terrorism, in all its forms, is never limited to a particular country. The researcher defines extremism in this paper and mentions that Islam forbids and penalizes terrorism, which is fully consistent with the position of Saudi Arabia.

The Reality of Terrorism and Extremism:

The author demonstrates the reality of terrorism and extremism in four topics, by providing the linguistic and terminological definitions of terrorism and extremism, and clarifying that they are all ambiguous since the international community has failed to agree on universal definitions. However, most would agree that terrorism includes violent acts of vandalism which all religions prohibit and all nations condemn.

The Causes of Extremism and Terrorism:

The author denotes the causes of extremism and terrorism in the second section. They include: the ignorance of the purposes of texts, religious misconceptions, the misinterpretation of Islam’s verdicts and rules, as well as a number of social reasons such as emotional provocation, unemployment, late marriage, the absence of the role of scholars, family and social disintegration, bad companions, other economic factors, and the negative role of the media.

The Kingdom’s Position on Terrorism and its Efforts to Combat it:

In the third section, the researcher highlights Saudi Arabia’s efforts in countering and renouncing terrorism and extremism, and leaders’ speeches about this issue, as well as the efforts of scholars and religious institutions in combating terrorism, extremism and fanaticism.

Paper presented to: The Conference on Terrorism: Extremist Thought and Thinking Extremely, the Islamic University, 1430.