Samir Khan

Samir Khan was the editor and publisher of “Inspire” magazine, and is the second American person killed in an attack on Friday, September 30, 2011. Although, the CIA announced that they were not aware of Khan’s presence with al-Awlaki during the attack, yet they still considered the attack legal since Khan was a legitimate target.

In addition, Samir Khanwas a Pakistani U.S. citizen, living in North Carolina, who participated in the meetings of the Islamic intellectuals’group, which seeks to build an ideal Islamic society without resorting to violence. Healso managed many Jihadi sites from his parents’ house, and participated in Islamic blogs, during which he translated the letters of al-Qaedaleaders, before traveling to Yemen in 2010 to study Arabic, he then became the editor and publisher of “Inspire” magazine, issued by al-Qaeda in English. He wasalso an expert who specialized in computer software, and recruited new and non-Arab people in al-Qaeda.

Moreover, Khan talked about his autobiography in the second issue of “Inspire” magazine, in the article entitled “I am proud to be a traitor to America”. Nevertheless, Khan was arrested in 2007, after authorities monitored his blog called “A martyr, God willing”, in which he translated and published the letters of al-Qaeda leaders, and wrote articles expressing his hope in the death of American soldiers in Iraq, but he was released under the pretext of freedom of expression.