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The Misconception Concerning the Invalidity of the Treaty of Whoever is Forced to Sign a Treaty

The misconception is the following statement which some people make: “We have been forced into signing peace treaties, and any treaty which someone has been forced into is invalid.” The response to this misconception is as follows: both of these preambles are false. Concerning the first, which is that we have been forced into signing […]

The Sedition of Revolting Against Rulers

One of the main aspects or causes of terrorism is revolting against rulers. It was a historic phenomenon espoused by some Islamic sects, and an approach embraced by the recent deviant groups. It was the principle behind the Kharijites’ radical approach against Muslim communities, both common people and rulers. They often make false claims against […]

Sunni scholars’ approach to dealing with the Sultans

Abu Asim Abdullah bin Humaid Al-Ghamdi All praise is due to Allah and may Allah bless Muhammad and his followers. Herein are some Sunni Scholars’ sayings demonstrating their approach and method in rebuking rulers. Compared to the pious predecessors, the void between the neo-Kharajites and Sunni Scholars’ approach becomes quite evident. We may notice how […]

The Misconception That Murder is the Way to Remove the Jews and Christians

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, Most Merciful The misconception is as follows: The Prophet (pbuh) ordered for the Jews and Christians to be removed from the Arabian Peninsula, and murdering them is a method of removing them. The refutation of this misconception is multifaceted: Firstly, what the Prophet (pbuh) meant by removing […]

The Misconception That the Muslim Ruler Apostates by Assisting the Disbelievers against the Muslims

This is a misconception oft-repeated by extremists who desire to justify their heinous actions and warrant the crimes they commit, and to pull unintelligent and highly emotional youth into their ranks. They run around saying that the Muslim leaders have apostated by aiding the disbelievers against the Muslims and, therefore, it is mandatory to fight […]

Equating Man-made Laws with Yasak Law

Some extremists resort to what Imam Ibn Kathir said about resorting to Yasak’s arbitration, in his Tafseer (90-2), “Allah condemns who deserts the rule of Allah and resorts to man-made concepts that violate Allah’s Sharia, just like the Tatars who judge with policies inherited from their king Genghis Khan, who wrote “Yasak,” a compilation of […]

Defining Characteristics of the Takfīri

Defining Characteristics of the Extremist Takfīri Methodology 1. Failing to verify much of the evidence they use to judge governments and individuals as infidels. I do not know anyone who has proved with certainty the claims that they use in making takfīr. They might say implicitly or explicitly that the evidence is well-known or that […]

Plural Leadership and Defining Religious Leaders

What exactly is meant by the “leader” under whose banner we fight in our day and age? The eminent scholar Ibn ‘Uthaimīn answered this question saying: “He is the highest authority in a country, and he does not necessarily have to be the leader of all the Muslims [on earth]. This is because worldwide leadership […]

Is resorting to man-made laws heretical?

This is an utterly fabricated misstatement on behalf of Sunnis, which arises from their ignorance or malicious intent, we ask Allah for guidance. This is a very serious matter, since sedition and bloodshed arise the moment people shamelessly accuse their rulers of heresy. Sadly, these prejudices cling even to false statements made on some forums […]

The False notion of those who declare it permissible to betray the rulers of the Muslims and others

From the astonishing things – and they are many – is that from the false notions of the Khawaarij extremists is declaring things which are completely and unequivocally prohibited in Islam to be permissible, so that they become a means for their supposed jihaad, such as their persistence in that their betrayal and breaking of […]