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Living with Non-Muslims in the Islamic Society

All praise is due to Allah. May peace and blessings be upon Allah’s Messenger. How great the civilization or culture of a given nation is depends largely on the benevolent principles it implements, such that these principles apply to others of different faiths, races, and languages. Allah chose the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) to convey His […]

Respecting international treaties in what doesn’t violate the Islamic Sharia Law

When Muslims sign treaties with people of other faiths, that don’t violate the Islamic Sharia Law, then they are obligated to fulfill and highly regard them. To clarify this issue it is essential to explain certain things: 1. Muslims need to participate with other nations in human public welfare. Specifically, the welfare that espouse high […]

From the Rulings Related to Those Under the Protection of the Muslim State in Islam

1- A warning regarding the oppression of those under the authority of the Muslim State (ahl adh-dhimmah): Allah in His Book as well as the Prophet (pbuh) in his prophetic narrations both command Muslims to observe kind treatment of the people who pay the tribute that non-Muslims must pay to remain upon their religion while […]