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The Proper way of Dealing with Unjust Rulers

The religion of Islam has paid great attention to establishing good relationships between the ruler and the public, through building effective social relationships, regulating the relationship between the ruler and the public, building mutual respect among the two parties, and determining the rights of both the ruler and the ruled. Thus, since rulers are human […]

The Conditions of Promoting Virtue and Prohibiting Vice

1. Knowledge: The promoter of virtue should be competent enough to know what virtuous and sinful deeds are, for he might promote a sinful deed or forbid a virtuous act if he lacks proper religious knowledge. Allah the Almighty says, “Say: This is my way; I invite to Allah with insight, I and those who […]

Parental Rights

Parental rights are far beyond measure, for parents are the reason behind their children’s existence in this toilsome life, after Almighty God. Moreover, children will never be able to acknowledge the anguish and distress that befell their parents, the hardship and sleepless nights, the concern and discomfort they have been through for their children’s sake, […]

The obligation of sticking to the united body of Muslims and not attacking the rulers

In the name of Allah, the Most Beneficent, Most Merciful Shaykh-ul-Islām Ibn Taymiyya said in Minhāj-us-Sunna: The well known position of Ahl-us-Sunna is that it is impermissible to rebel against the rulers and fight them with the sword, even if they be oppressors, as is proven by the many authentic ahādīth narrated from the Prophet […]

The Ruling of Cursing a Fāsiq

Often, a believer is seized by his desire to defend the faith, when he is presented in his daily life with violation of the sanctity of Islamic law by the fāsiqūn [1] and others. The majority of the time, his tongue is taken up with cursing the one who violates these sacred limits, along with […]