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The Misconception Concerning the Invalidity of the Treaty of Whoever is Forced to Sign a Treaty

The misconception is the following statement which some people make: “We have been forced into signing peace treaties, and any treaty which someone has been forced into is invalid.” The response to this misconception is as follows: both of these preambles are false. Concerning the first, which is that we have been forced into signing […]

The Virtues of Knowledge

Every human being is driven by notions of perfection, motivation, concern, and action. Therefore, Islamic laws refined and restricted these drives so that they become transcendental and useful drives. Furthermore, Sharia emphasized that Muslims must always associate religious knowledge with action, as Allah said: “So know, [O Muhammad], that there is no deity except Allah […]


The Sedition of Revolting Against Rulers

One of the main aspects or causes of terrorism is revolting against rulers. It was a historic phenomenon espoused by some Islamic sects, and an approach embraced by the recent deviant groups. It was the principle behind the Kharijites’ radical approach against Muslim communities, both common people and rulers. They often make false claims against […]

The Role of the Holy Mosques in Countering Terrorism

Praise is to Allah and peace and blessings are upon His Prophet. Terrorism has become a global phenomenon which requires the cooperation and collaboration of intellectuals, government officials, and scholars in order to battle the enemies who exploit Islam to serve a violent political vision or a radical ideology. The Imams of the Two Holy […]

The Role of Rumors in Raising Social Criticism and Fueling Extremism and Terrorism

Rumors are tools used to guide public opinion toward a destination that serves certain objectives. Rumors raise irresponsible social criticism whether in the family, street, school, university, workplace, or elsewhere. Irresponsible social criticism can negatively effects peoples’ minds, and lead to psychological alienation and the use of terrorism and violent means to reform what rumors […]

The Role of Family Education in the Protection of Children from Terrorism

The Methodological Framework of the Study: the Problems and Questions the Study Raises: Terrorism has recently become a serious social, economic and political issue in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, especially since some terrorists believe that these terrorist actions are heroic religious deeds. This study focuses on the role of family education in protecting children […]

The Reality of al-Qaeda in Libya

This does not mean that the al-Qaeda group is completely inexistent in Libya, although however, it does exist in a weak manner – due to the security restrictions – such as extending its organisation into the Western Sahara. A tape has emerged in which it has been ascribed to the second man in the al-Qaeda […]

The Most Prominent Leaders of the Terrorist Organization in Maghreb (AQIM)

Who are the leaders of Al-Qaeda in Islamic Maghreb (AQIM)? Five French people are held hostages in Niger by Terrorist Abu Zayd, one of the most prominent leaders of the Al-Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb. Who is this man that is described as an “extremist and violent”? Who is Belmokhtar, another extremist activist in the […]

The Jasmine Revolution from the perspective of the Islamist Moroccans

1. Justice and Charity Organization: Any political reformist movement is supposed to carry out the effective reformist process it calls for, for real reformation is a comprehensive social movement that expresses people’s will, and conveys their demands for a better future. Thus, reformation is not achieved through slogans and provocative speeches, but through the practical […]

The Islamic Movement in the Area of “The Palestinians of 48″

It is a religious and political movement that works within the framework of Israeli laws. It was established in 1971 by Abdullah Nimar Darwish in the occupied territories and is active amongst the Arabs of 48 (the Arabs who hold Israeli nationality). The Movement first started in the seventies, when Islamic action spread in Palestine […]

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